Want to Be a Doula?

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Some of my most popular posts for doulas getting started, well experienced doulas, or anyone wanting to make their business even better:

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Keeping track of client info & visits.

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Phone tools & apps for your business.

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Financial records - taxes, income, etc.

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A doula does NOT...

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When to meet a client for their birth.

When it's time to head to their birth location.

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Birth ball vs. peanut ball.

Cesarean support tips.

Birth support after trauma.

Loss support resources.

Birth photography tips for doulas.

Postpartum visit suggestions.

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3 Responses to Want to Be a Doula?

  1. Michele Tuckness says:

    I have never found such an informative site as yours. I am heading into the doula field soon and had a question regarding insurance. Do you need this to protect yourself legally? My husband thinks its wise to get a policy to cover myself in case a woman or family decide to sue everyone in the room in case a delivery goes horribly wrong. Any thoughts or advice on this?
    Bless you for your advice and wisdom in posting this knowledge for all of us entering this career.

    • heidi says:

      Doulas do not need to carry any type of liability insurance but that’s up to the discretion of the doula. I have heard of doulas involved in lawsuits when there was a care provider being sued but the doula was a witness, not a defendant. If you have a very thorough contract and very open communication with the family then I think the chance of being sued are extremely slim. However, there is a company that is marketing liability coverage for doulas and postpartum care providers which isn’t that expensive, but I’ve not reviewed what type of coverage it entails or under what circumstances they would pay out, the amount, etc. Here is the link. I’ve heard of only one doula on a national board I was a part of who carried it at her spouse’s request, I know no one in my area who does.

      I also think doulas need to be smart about not opening themselves up to liability by doing things like driving a client in their car (which I know my insurance company does not cover unless you carry commercial insurance vs. private), offering to care for clients’ children, posting any images online without a signed social media release, offering medical advice to clients, etc. ALL of which I’ve heard of doulas doing, and in those cases you could potentially be sued if something goes wrong. If you are staying within your scope as a doula and only working with clients with whom you have a trusting relationship and open communication then I think being sued is extremely unlikely.

      It’s also wise to talk with a CPA about the possibility of setting yourself up as an LLC if you are concerned about personal liability and want to protect your assets, and to have an attorney review your contract to cover any aspects you may not have concerned regarding liability.

  2. daniel says:

    thanks for the doulas care and tips. Doulas are really helpful