Want to Be a Doula?

untitled (45 of 65)You can read my entire section on Tips for Doulas here if you are a subscriber. If you've not yet subscribed then you can see some of my post titles below & read testimonials about them here! Then subscribe here to be able to read the article links below.

Some of my most popular posts for doulas getting started, well experienced doulas, or anyone wanting to make their business even better:

Getting started - certification options and more.

Going paperless with your business.

A doula's fee - setting your price.

Marketing and branding your business.

Finding clients!

Keeping track of client info & visits.

Making client visits more efficient for you and them.

Phone tools & apps for your business.

Website 101

Financial records - taxes, income, etc.

Doula bag supplies list.

Being on call and family needs.

Preparing your home and family for when you are gone.

A doula does NOT...

Tips for your first few births as a doula.

When to meet a client for their birth.

When it's time to head to their birth location.

Supporting moms with an epidural.

Birth ball vs. peanut ball.

Cesarean support tips.

Birth support after trauma.

Loss support resources.

Birth photography tips for doulas.

Postpartum visit suggestions.

Posts about cesarean & bereavement support are public, the links related to those topics above are viewable even if you are not a subscriber.

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