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Welcome, I'm Heidi - a Denton doula and birth photographer. I love supporting families through their pregnancy and birth! My services can be viewed in the tabs above, and include:

* birth doula support

* birth photography & first day photo sessions

* childbirth education

Are you a friend or family member of a client? You may be looking for gift certificates, which can be purchased here.

Over the last few years I've been fortunate to work with over 300 couples through my various roles as a doula, birth photographer, midwife assistant, and teacher. I've created a local online support group to continue helping parents as they navigate this wonderful journey - I love staying connected with families I've served.

I'm now a doula mentor, and I have over a hundred Tips for Doulas posts available by subscription.

Whether you are a birth professional or a new parents, I hope my website will provide useful information for you. Your comments and questions are very welcome, so please feel free to drop me a line. I can be reached at heidi@thadenpierce.org. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Want to Be a Doula? Tips for Doulas Compilation Post!

untitled (45 of 65)You can read my entire section on Tips for Doulas here if you are a subscriber. If you've not yet subscribed then you can see some of my topics below, and read testimonials here!

Some of my most popular posts for doulas getting started, well experienced doulas, or anyone wanting to make their business even better:

Getting started - certification options and more.

Going paperless with your business.

A doula's fee - setting your price.

Marketing and branding your business.

Finding clients! Continue reading

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Midwife Katie & Prenatal Visit

It's always fun to attend a prenatal visit with a (repeat!) client and even more so when the midwife is a friend! I'm so excited to greet this little one soon - and you can see how excited the big sisters are to meet their new sibling!

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Sneak Peak – My First Three-Peat!!

When editing birth photos there are many times when I see an image and it takes my breath away - I'm just so in awe of the sacred moments I'm able to witness, and these beautiful families welcoming their child.

This birth was extra emotional for me, as I go through the photos - I blocked out the entire month to be on call, and made sure I had flight plans for a trip to Canada coordinated the month prior so that I would be home long before baby was due, just in case. This little one is my first three-peat birth! I met her parents years ago when helping them welcome their first daughter, was giddy to attend when their twin boys arrived, and now was here to meet this perfect little bundle of joy. Three births, FOUR babies, and I saw them all come earthside. My cheeks hurt from smiling!!

Here's a quick sneak peak of the new darling... (and to this family - THANK YOU for letting me witness your story unfolding.)

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Baby Essentials & Not

Essential Baby Gear Newborns(This is from our family blog, we've been asked what sorts of things we thought were crucial and what we ended up not using with our six babies. Here you go! Disclosure, some of these links are affiliate links and if you purchase through them I receive a small return - so thank you!!) Written May 2011, updated November 2015.

Kit says to add olive oil to the list, I think it's become a joke now but we keep a little bottle of olive oil to rub on the baby's bum immediately after birth, it lets you wipe the meconium off really quickly instead of traumatizing you and baby by having to scrape it off their tender rear. We use it for the first couple days, until all the meconium passes. I know, sounds odd but IT WORKS. Take some to the hospital with you.

- Lansinoh Nursing Pads but the pink ones, NOT the white "ultra soft" ones which fell apart for me. I use cloth pads after the first couple months when my milk supply becomes less extreme but with my hyper-lactation super power the only thing I don't soak through in the beginning are the Lansinoh ones with their crazy absorbent core.

- A baby carrier, and it's best if you try on a variety because they are so unique to you depending on body type, what you want it for (around the house or exercising?) and so on. I love Ergo Baby Carrier, which we got initially for a back pack type carrier. I've also heard good things about the Mei Tai carriers, though I've never tried one. The most comfortable carrier I've ever worn (to include taking walks with) has vanished and it looks like the company went out of business, but this Sleepy Wrap looks like it's the same design, but it's a stretchier fabric. The Moby Wrap seems to be the closest fit I see now available. I love that it is great from the tiniest baby up through a toddler. Worth trying some on and getting lots of opinions on types! And I've heard from a lot of couples that Mom may love one type of carrier and Dad love another, the fit can be really different so try on many. This saves my sanity when a fussy baby needs to be held and I need to be able to do something with my hands (like eat!!)

Continue reading

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Writing the Story of Your Baby’s Birth

BetterBirthDoula.orgDuring the childbirth class I help teach we encourage parents to write up their thoughts soon after the birth - whether it's a detailed journal entry, a letter to their child, or just their random thoughts about what happened. So quickly those memories that seem vivid at the time can start to fade and shift due to the sleep deprivation and just time passing. Having at last a few notes jotted down can give you a reminder when you have a few minutes to write up the birth story.

This applies to moms AND their partners. The other parent's have a unique perspective on the birth and are witnessing and experiencing things the laboring mom may not have even noticed. My husband wrote up the story of our fourth baby's birth and she LOVES it, having that in her scrapbook lets her read through it and it's become one of her favorite bedtime stories, to hear her dad's thoughts about the day she was born. Imagine being able to go back and read what your parents were thinking as they welcomed you into the world? Not to add to the long list of things the exhausted new parents already feel like the should be doing, but truly - it will be a priceless gift you give to your partner and your children.

If you've not written up your baby's birth story yet then it's not too late! Joy created a list of questions for The Birth Interview Project, which is currently on hold (as Joy is busy tackling some amazing new adventures) but she's given me permission to include the questions here. I didn't fill them out until over a year later for my sixth baby, and it was still a wonderful way to reflect on the experience. You can read the interview about my littlest here.

And here are the questions:

What was your due date, and what was your baby’s birth date?

Please give a brief, one paragraph synopsis of your birth.

What did you do to prepare for your labor and birth? Did it help?  

What did you like about your birth experience, if anything?

What did you not like about your birth experience, if anything?

What surprised you about your contractions/labor?

In reflection, would you do anything differently, either before the birth, during or after?

What do you remember the most about your birth?

How was your birth experience different from what you imagined it to be?

What were your immediate emotions about yourself and or your birth experience after the birth?  

How would you describe your recovery?

How has your perspective of your birth experience changed in the last year since the first week of having her?

Did you learn anything about yourself through this experience?

Any further thoughts, comments or advice you would like to share?

If you've not done so already, write up your birth story! Even if you did write it up soon after the birth, consider going through the interview questions above to see what your thoughts are now. Encourage your partner to also write up THEIR version of the birth! Your children will one day thank you!

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Samaritan Ministries & Doulas

Several clients have been participating in Samaritan Ministries as a health insurance alternative. If you are also with them (or a doula whose clients use this organization) I wanted to make sure you know they will reimburse you for part of your doula's fee. You'll need a letter from your doula that includes information about her (certification, contact info, billed amount, business address and contact number) and I added onto that letter a statement of receipt/payment. My clients have been grateful for that extra support from Samaritan Ministries in helping with their birth!

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Birthy Blog Post Round-Up IV – Parents’ Version

BetterBirthDoula.orgAnother post from CordMama.com about how beautiful our bodies are, accompanied by gorgeous birth photos!

And also - I'm not sure if the words or photos are more breathtaking, but I adore this post about the sisterhood of women, and what pulls us out of bed in the middle of the night. (Hint - your babies are adorable, but that's not the only reason.)

The blog YourBirthExperience.come talks about the importance of Knowing Yourself in Birth.

"I Can Do This!"

More & more we're hearing about the benefits of having an undisturbed first hour after birth.

What does it mean when doulas say that they hold the space?

Also geared towards doulas, but one I thought was good for parents to read as they decide how they want their story shared - client privacy and online sharing.

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Birthy Blog Round Up III – Parents’ Version

BetterBirthDoula.orgAfter seeing several posts recently that I thought were so helpful I decided a blog round up was in order! This is the round up for parents, but there's another round-up for birth professionals that's available through my Tips for Doulas series.

Interesting read from a veteran doula sharing why her age is an asset as a doula from Nurturing Doula Dreams. I admit I'm still confused by the idea that doulas in their 20s and 30s would tell a doula in her 50s that she's not able to "get it" in regards to doula work. I thought a blessing of aging was the wisdom we acquire over the years? That's my plan at least! :)

Ten Things to Ask in a Doula Interview from Great Expectations Birth.

A sweet comic my husband share with me about birth. It will make you smile!

A thorough list of questions to ask a birth photographer before hiring them.

Ten things women say in labor that are entirely normal! A fun, and very accurate read.

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Sneak Peek – Baby Hazel

Two years ago I had the honor of attending the birth of their first little girl, and this week I was there as they welcomed their second daughter. It was a gorgeous day with a gorgeous family, and I can't stop smiling as I edit their birth photos. Here's a little peek of some of the sweet moments I captured for them.

This was my first chance to document an herbal bath in this particular tub, and I admit I was getting rather daring standing up on the edge over mom's shoulder (while being very careful to not slip, I promise!) If you are interested in checking out the herbal bath I'm doing a giveaway of some here.

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World Breastfeeding Week 2015

IMG_2268Happy World Breastfeeding Week! How sweet is this hour old baby tucked in with his momma?

Though I think this is also a great time to remember that however we nourished our babies' bodies - breast or bottle - the snuggles and love in our arms nourished their souls. Not every mom chooses to breastfeeding, but of those that do I hope each will find the support and resources they need on their journey. Nursing is not easy, and sometimes it's not possible for momma & baby, and that's okay! What matters most is that these little ones are fed and loved and cuddled and that each family has support in whatever decision they make for their child.

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Tips for Doulas Testimonials

www.BetterBirthDoula.orgWondering if the Tips for Doulas program is worth it?

I have never found such an informative site as yours… Bless you for your advice and wisdom in posting this knowledge for all of us entering this career. -Michele

Thank you so much for blogging about this journey. You answered questions I didn’t know I had. In fact, you have made me more hungry to pursue this. Thanks again. - Jennifer

Read some more thoughts from readers here. Reading these testimonials makes me blush! I'm so honored to be able to help these doulas on their journey in serving families.

Have you been convinced? Subscribe here!

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