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Expressing Thanks | Tips for Doulas

Over the last year my work has been blessed by countless friends, old and new. I’ve been introduced to amazing families, wonderful birth professionals, and loving mentors. I try to incorporate my own branding into my business. It’s simple to … Continue reading

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Baby Essentials & Not

(This is from our family blog, we’ve been asked what sorts of things we thought were crucial and what we ended up not using with our six babies. Here you go! Disclosure, some of these links are affiliate links and … Continue reading

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Writing the Story of Your Baby’s Birth

During the childbirth class I help teach we encourage parents to write up their thoughts soon after the birth – whether it’s a detailed journal entry, a letter to their child, or just their random thoughts about what happened. So … Continue reading

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Pre-Birth (and Conception!) Checklist

(Written May 2011 and updated January 2015.) When I landed on bedrest with our third baby still in our first trimester I was nowhere near ready to bring a newborn home. I had to get ready real fast, and while … Continue reading

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Scrabble Charms – Birth Place or Thumbprints

While visiting my parents last month my mother taught me how to make these little map charms. They can be used as ornaments for the holidays, necklaces, keychains, or you can stick a magnet on the back instead. We found … Continue reading

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Bloggers for Birth Kits

Bloggers for Birth Kits is a charity program creating birth kits for women in rural Papua New Guinea, where the rate of maternal death is 1 in 7. Puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? You can donate online here (charges … Continue reading

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Blessingway Ideas

I’m reading a fun book called Blessingways: A Guide to Mother-Centered Baby Showers–Celebrating Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood. It explains some of the traditions developing for blessingways as they become more popular and I’ve attended a few baby showers that incorporated … Continue reading

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Children at Birth

I just received that from a sweet little girl, we were together at the home waterbirth of her baby sister. Can you see in the picture the girl, her mom in the pool, and me taking photos? Oh, this made … Continue reading

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Herbal Baths & Teas

I didn’t try an herbal bath postpartum until our sixth baby and I LOVED it, and I thought it was so wonderful I sent the rest of my herbal mix to two women I love that were about to have … Continue reading

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Rice Packs

These are lovely during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum for aches and pains and sore muscles. They are simple to make, too, and you just throw them in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes (watch closely after 2 minutes so … Continue reading

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