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Over the last year my work has been blessed by countless friends, old and new. I've been introduced to amazing families, wonderful birth professionals, and loving mentors.

I try to incorporate my own branding into my business. It's simple to get creative with some gifts, wrapped up special to fit into my brand with a wrapping paper. These are Trader Joe's belgium chocolate bars. (Delicious!) Any gift can be made more personalized by incorporating your colors or logo, such as using a custom stamp or stickers. You can also find cute ribbons to hole punch and hang your business card along with these gifts.

I've used a variety of little thank you gifts to share with birth professionals I work with, clients, or anyone who has provided referrals. Sometimes parents will ask me for ideas to provide thank you gifts for their OB, midwife, or nurse. Here are some ideas I've used, received, or shared. Some of these are more for a fellow professional, others for the parents.

* warm baked cookies!
* chocolates
* a small plant for their home or office in a cute pot (succulents are great, and low maintenance)
* fruit or muffin baskets
* a photo print, framed or not
* a photo album from the birth
* Willow Tree Figurines
* a charm bracelet or necklace
* Picasso's nursing mother poster
* a "doula" jacket (gift from a client after a cold hospital birth - in July!)
* a gift for the birth professional's family (I've received presents for my kids.)
* Christmas ornament (with baby's photo!)
* onesie or t-shirt for baby
* gift cards for gas, a restaurant, or their favorite store
* gift certificates for a manicure or massage
* their favorite essential oil
* something for their work place, such as a birth supply

Truly the most wonderful gift of thanks I've ever received are the notes of thanks, and hearing that I've helped a family have a better birth experience. Knowing how much that has meant to me I try to take the time and send a note to thank care providers, nursing staff, and anyone who has referred clients to me. I also try to thank parents, to let them know how honored I am to be given their trust. Never pass up an opportunity to express your gratitude. It can make them feel wonderful, builds your personal and professional network, and makes you feel great, too!

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