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Tiny Perfection

Those sweet, perfect little fingers holding onto momma’s hand just minutes after birth just captured my heart.

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Postpartum Bran Muffins

I’ve not tried these but I hear they are quite fantastic for moms dealing with some of those postpartum “challenges.” My sister mixed up a batch for a new mom and I wanted to share the recipe for any of … Continue reading

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Placental Encapsulation & DFW Placenta

As of January 1st there is now a law in the state of Texas that a hospital or birth center MUST release a placenta to the mother. (There is some paperwork to be signed, which I’ve never had a doula … Continue reading

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Lactation Smoothie (Good for Any Momma, Pregnant or Postpartum)

Lactation cookies are yummy, but not exactly the healthiest option. Energy balls are also great for lactation – and healthier, but you may not want to be eating those all the time either. (There’s also a granola bar lactation recipe … Continue reading

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Baby Essentials & Not

(This is from our family blog, we’ve been asked what sorts of things we thought were crucial and what we ended up not using with our six babies. Here you go! Disclosure, some of these links are affiliate links and … Continue reading

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Loss Support | Tips for Doulas

(Trigger warning – please skip this post if you are healing from a recent loss!) Originally posted May 2012, updated May 2015. Today is International Bereaved Mother’s Day to remember all of those who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. … Continue reading

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Want to Be My Client?

This is how my birth doula services work. My intake form which I need you to fill out before our first prenatal visit. The birth history form if you’ve had children before, which I also need before our visit. My … Continue reading

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Placentas! (Warning, Images Included)

Have you heard about placental encapsulation? Just the phrase gets a range of reactions from parents, but over the last year I would estimate a third to half of my clients have encapsulated their placentas. The feedback has been overwhelmingly … Continue reading

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Sweet Boys

I visited with these handsome little guys today and talked about their arrival with their beautiful mother. I wasn’t able to get pictures of just the two of them when they were born, so I asked if I may get … Continue reading

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Compassionate Service – Blessing a Family in Need

I’m sharing this from our family blog to offer ideas on how we can serve a family experiencing a high risk pregnancy, having an infant in the NICU, or helping any family welcoming home a new baby. I hope this … Continue reading

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