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NEW – First Day Photos!

While having a photographer present for labor & birth may not appeal to everyone, I believe it’s safe to say that EVERYONE wants pictures of the sweet new baby! That cute face appears and the cell phones and cameras come … Continue reading

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Fun to Come!

* Currently my tech/design guy is swamped with a major project but once that is completed he’s tackling MY big project – a redo of my photo site with some new additions. I am very excited, as this will involve … Continue reading

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Tips For New Dads (Cont.)

The birth class Heidi helps teach has a class session where the moms and dads split up and they get a chance to ask all those first time parent questions they may otherwise be embarassed to ask in front of … Continue reading

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Reasons to NOT Hire Me.

Sometimes I’ll hear from a mom that she’s not sure if she wants a doula or birth photographer, and there are a few common reasons why: 1. I’m having a c-section, I don’t need a doula/photographer. Well, depending on your … Continue reading

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Postpartum Herbal Bath Take II

My old recipe for herbal bath is here. A group of doulas had split the bulk order and were running low so this time Mary made the order and it included: * chamomile flowers   * calendula petals   * … Continue reading

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While parents may understand the benefits of a postpartum doula if they are first time parents, parents with subsequent babies may find the services of a doula even MORE helpful! From reminding them of those little tricks and techniques to … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding Your Newborn – Common Concerns

I love Dr. & Martha Sears’ work and I frequently visit their website as a mother myself. Postpartum moms often have concerns about nursing their new baby and this is the best page yet I’ve seen that addresses those questions … Continue reading

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Birth Support After Trauma | Tips for Doulas

Originally posted May 2011: Update: I’m reading When Survivors Give Birth: Understanding and Healing the Effects of Early Sexual Abuse on Childbearing Womenand it’s fantastic – I think every childbirth professional (educator, doula, etc) should read this!! It’s very, very … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding – Tongue Tie

Tongue Tie The above link is an excellent PDF showing the various types of tongue ties (including the maxillary frenulum, which most of my children had/have!) and explains how these issues can impact breastfeeding. While diagnosing a tongue tie is … Continue reading

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Dad’s Pre-Baby To Do List

In the last month of pregnancy your wife may be nesting, which can manifest itself in a variety of ways. She may be sorting and organizing the nursery, cleaning random things, or tackling any number of projects that may or … Continue reading

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