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Tips For New Dads From a Father of Six

So you’re going to be a father! Here’s a quick primer of tips and tricks for new dads. day zero Today was an amazing day. Your beautiful wife just delivered your baby! It was incredible. She was incredible. And while … Continue reading

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Postpartum Depression

When we hear “depression” we often assume that means lethargic, apathetic, tired, and detached. In reality postpartum depression can manifest itself in a variety of ways – aggression, irritability, anger, confusion, etc. This can be directed towards a spouse, the … Continue reading

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I just received my certificate so I am now official, I’m a Certified Postpartum Doula! This was my last training and it feels wonderful to be done. Until I find another program that I’m interested in learning more from… 🙂

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Postpartum Cultures

This is a really interesting read about diverse ideas regarding the postpartum time for women from around the world. As part of my postpartum doula training we studied how different cultures treat a woman’s postpartum phase and I find it … Continue reading

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New Books! Prematurity & PPD

Our library has a small bookstore where they sell donated or former library books. Today was a half price sale and I was so excited to find two new books for my doula lending library: Preemies: The Essential Guide for … Continue reading

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Writing A Cesarean Birth Plan

For those mothers who know they’ll be delivering by cesarean birth, or for those mothers who like to prepare for every possible outcome, here are some questions to consider for your birth plan. Many people believe that a c-section means … Continue reading

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Sweet Postpartum Visits | Denton Birth Photography

That was his expression as he gazed up at his mom. Is that not the sweetest thing? He’s less than 2 weeks old. Today was my final postpartum visit for certification, woo-hoo! I drove home thinking, “I cannot believe I … Continue reading

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Lactation Cookies

Oatmeal, flaxseed, and brewer’s yeast are all helpful for milk supply. This is our standard vegan cookie recipe with the brewer’s yeast addition. Hmmm, considering how often I make these vegan cookies I wonder why my milk supply is more … Continue reading

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Postpartum Visit & Cool Doula Stuff!

Today I got to hold a sweet newborn and practice my swaddling technique from The Happiest Baby program. She zonked out and was making the cutest little sighing sounds while sleeping. And her mother gave me this! I love it, … Continue reading

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Massage Therapist in Denton

So I decided I really needed to do some “research” as I create my resource list for massage therapists. You can google for your options, of course, but it’s different when you get a recommendation from someone that’s actually had … Continue reading

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