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So I decided I really needed to do some "research" as I create my resource list for massage therapists. You can google for your options, of course, but it's different when you get a recommendation from someone that's actually had a massage from that person. I had a list of different massage therapists offering prenatal and postpartum massages but there was one I wanted to check out personally (I do all this hard work for YOU, you know! 😉 ) She lives here in Denton, not far from me and she's pretty booked so if you are interested you should get in touch with her pronto! Here is her Facebook link and it's also in my resource list to the right.

As a busy mom it was hard for me to give myself permission to take the time and money to put towards a massage for myself. I felt selfish but now I BELIEVE!! It's not just recreational, this truly is therapeutic! Amber found spots of tension in my body that I didn't even realize I had but I was sure feeling the effects of and she massaged them away. It was wonderful and she will cater the massage to what you want - lighter or deeper pressure, whatever areas of focus you need, any concerns you have. I had to peel myself off the table afterwards, it was so relaxing! My body feels different - wonderful!! Relaxed.

Amber offers prenatal and postpartum massages (and massages for anyone that needs one, though if you're on my site you're probably a mom!) If you have a newborn then you can bring them along and she's done massages for new moms side lying (like a pregnancy massage) with baby nursing, then they flipped sides and baby kept nursing while mom got massaged on the other side. Does that not sound heavenly?? What a beautiful image.

The massage really is catered to what YOU want and need, and you can undress (or stay dressed) to your comfort level. I've not had a lot of massages but I know I had questions about all of that - you'll sit and talk with her and go over your intake paperwork then she'll step out while you undress (to whatever degree you are prefer) and get underneath the sheet. You'll be draped and she'll uncover just the part she's working on so you're not going to feel exposed. She works very hard to make sure you feel completely comfortable and having worked on many mothers she understands you may feel self conscious about all of those pregnancy and postpartum body changes - she'll work with you!

For postpartum moms that have concerns about massages and being on your stomach (and those tender breasts) she has towels that she creates a cradle to help keep you comfortable and supported. If you prefer to keep your nursing bra (and breastpads) on that's fine but she has towels for you to lay on so it's not a problem at all.

So basically it's an absolutely wonderful and relaxing and rejuvenating way to take care of yourself so you can better take care of those you love! You deserve this!! Amber also offers gift certificates and would that not be the perfect baby shower or new parent gift? From friends or family to an expectant or new mom or from a husband to his wife? Brilliant idea!

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