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Last night I attended another meeting towards my certification as a postpartum doula, this one the LLL of Denton. I've never been before and wasn't sure the format, but it was (of course!) very baby/child friendly and really interesting. There are four local LLL leaders, and they meet once a month to teach/discuss a certain topic related to breastfeeding. There were pregnant moms, brand new moms, moms with multiple kids, etc. I think this would be a great resource for moms to connect with while expecting because (a) you'll learn lots (b) you'll already know some women to call if you have any breastfeeding questions or concerns!

When I had my fourth baby I assumed that nursing would be a breeze - I had nursed three babies already, including a preemie on oxygen, and I naively assumed I could easily teach another baby to nurse without any problems. HA! She had an immature latch, reflux, I had cracked & bleeding nipples because of her latch issues, I got mastitis three times in the first six weeks and thrush from the antibiotics for the mastitis. It was an absolute nightmare and I remember crying every time I heard the baby cry because nursing was excruciating.


After meeting with my midwife, the pediatrician to verify it was not a tongue tie causing the latch problems, and searching online for ideas I heard about the LLL leaders and called them - one came to my home on a weekend night to sit down with me, diagnose the problem, and teach me how to fix it. She saved us that day!! These women give such selfless service to help ensure that every mother that wants to nurse her baby has resources to help her work towards that goal.

If you are interested in attending a Denton meeting email me for details, they meet at a church just south of 380. Here's their listing of classes for the rest of the year:

August 9 - Breastfeeding and Beyond
September 13 - The Art of Breastfeeding
October 11 - Preparing for Birth & Breastfeeding
November 8 - Your Network of Support
December 13th - Approaches to Weaning

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