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Pregnancy & Fear

Five years ago this month I wrote a guest post for Birth Without Fear on the topic of coping in pregnancy after a loss, premature arrival, or traumatic birth experience. As Kit and I collaborated on it we discussed what … Continue reading

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Birthy Blog Round Up! Parents’ Version

After seeing several posts recently that I thought were so helpful I decided a blog round up was in order! I’ve not decided if this will be a one time or on-going thing, but I know you’ll find these authors … Continue reading

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Cesarean Rates & Information

I’ve read through many of the posts on The Unnecesarean Blog and I’ve linked to some of them before. It’s a fantastic resource for moms and birth professionals. (Hint, hint, doulas – you really should go check it out.) I … Continue reading

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Family Centered Cesarean Video

More explanation for how a cesarean can be done to ensure mom witnesses the birth (if she desires), has immediate skin-to-skin with her baby, and can even nurse in the OR! And a family centered cesarean at a local hospital … Continue reading

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Special Scars – Katie Perez

Katie Perez is a wife and mom to 4, a birth doula, apprentice midwife, and had a vba3c with an inverted T incision in August of 2009. She now sits on the board of directors for the non-profit organization Special … Continue reading

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Compassionate Service – Blessing a Family in Need

I’m sharing this from our family blog to offer ideas on how we can serve a family experiencing a high risk pregnancy, having an infant in the NICU, or helping any family welcoming home a new baby. I hope this … Continue reading

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Purchased through ICAN of Atlanta and they ship for $18 total within the US (I believe – confirm with them!)

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Reasons to NOT Hire Me.

Sometimes I’ll hear from a mom that she’s not sure if she wants a doula or birth photographer, and there are a few common reasons why: 1. I’m having a c-section, I don’t need a doula/photographer. Well, depending on your … Continue reading

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I wish every birth went smoothly, quickly, and exactly as planned – but we all know birth comes with surprises! It’s in those situations as a doula that I am so grateful to be there to help parents transition from … Continue reading

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Cesarean Birth Video

Because many locations don’t allow video in the OR, I thought this was a wonderful clip to share. It is a birth, obviously, so if you are squeamish or feeling sensitive about a cesarean birth experience then please be cautious … Continue reading

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