Cesarean Birth Video

Because many locations don't allow video in the OR, I thought this was a wonderful clip to share. It is a birth, obviously, so if you are squeamish or feeling sensitive about a cesarean birth experience then please be cautious about viewing. (Yes, I include that same disclaimer for vaginal birth videos.) 🙂

I think this is also helpful for doulas to watch as you may be in the OR and depending on where they have you set up you may have the opportunity to watch the birth. I found it fascinating the first time I was in the OR (and allowed to photograph the entire procedure from both sides of the drape) but I know not everyone shares my fascination. Also for dads who will be in the OR, sometimes it's easier to see how things play out on a video before you're watching your wife go through the experience.

Here is the link to the post on Birth Without Fear's blog along with some still images. Video embedded below:

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