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Cesarean Birth |Tips for Doulas

Originally posted September 2011: This morning (shortly after posting the video below) I got the call and raced out the door to attend my final certifying birth. We had anticipated a Saturday morning cesarean arrival but this little girl wanted … Continue reading

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Cesarean Rates for Texas

2010 rates here. As you can see here in the metroplex the hospitals with the highest cesarean rates are: Presby Plano – 49.3% Las Colinas 45.3% Medical City Dallas 44.6% Presby Dallas 43.8% Presby Allen 42% Baylor Grapevine 41.8% Baylor … Continue reading

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VBACs, ICAN, and Special Scars

Unfortunately there is still a lot of misinformation being shared these days about the risks of repeat cesareans vs. VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean.) According to the ACOG guidelines (American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology): Attempting a vaginal birth after … Continue reading

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ICAN Meetings & Special Scars

This Saturday (February 11th, 6pm) we’ll be hosting a special ICAN meeting for doulas and other birth professionals. One doula will talk about how to support mothers through cesareans, in the OR and during recovery. Another will discuss how to … Continue reading

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Holiday Inductions

I’m sad to realize that labor & delivery units across the nation are probably very busy this week, with moms inducing labor before the holiday arrives. Whether this is because of the encouragement of their doctor or the choice of … Continue reading

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VBAC Questions When Choosing a Care Provider

I read through several lists and compiled them, adding the questions I asked care providers during my VBAC consults. (I knew who my primary care provider would be but I wanted to find out back up options in case I … Continue reading

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Writing A Cesarean Birth Plan

For those mothers who know they’ll be delivering by cesarean birth, or for those mothers who like to prepare for every possible outcome, here are some questions to consider for your birth plan. Many people believe that a c-section means … Continue reading

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Cesarean Options

This is a wonderful video explaining options families have to make their cesarean birth even better. I am thrilled to see this and hope more hospitals will incorporate these practices.

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Cesarean Birth Options

I prefer to call it a cesarean birth (vs. delivery) because you are still giving birth, whether surgically or vaginally. Either way, in the event that you know you’ll have a cesarean birth then here are some things to consider … Continue reading

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Pregnancy – Keep Them Baking!

Why every week counts – interesting article about the dangers of inducing labor/scheduling c-sections for babies prior to 39weeks. Not just short term risks but the long term impacts showing up in children school age. And the diagram of comparative … Continue reading

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