Cesarean Rates for Texas

2010 rates here.

As you can see here in the metroplex the hospitals with the highest cesarean rates are:

Presby Plano - 49.3%
Las Colinas 45.3%
Medical City Dallas 44.6%
Presby Dallas 43.8%
Presby Allen 42%
Baylor Grapevine 41.8%
Baylor Frisco 39.1%

Sadly I am not surprised at any of those, as they are known for being quick to induced, get moms on pitocin if they are "taking too long" and only one of those has a doctor on staff known for being VBAC supportive (the last one.)

The cesarean rates for the three hospitals I hear most often listed as being natural birth friendly in the metroplex:

Harris Methodist in Fort Worth - 36%
Presby Denton 33.9%
Baylor University Medical Center - not listed, oddly enough! I see University Medical Centers and that may be them, in which case the rate is 21.3%.

Interesting enough Harris and Baylor both have incredibly high risk cases with perinatologists on staff and large level III NICUs (Harris works with Cook Children's for their NICU care.) And yet even as they are fantastic with those high risk cases, both hospitals also have midwives on staff and allow waterbirths for those moms wanting low intervention births. Denton also has a level III NICU but it's much smaller, and they allow a tub for labor but not birth.

For those situations in which a cesarean is necessary then of course you want to be at a care facility with a really wonderful surgeon and excellent anesthesiologist. But if you are anticipating a vaginal birth then look closely at all of your options. A hospital with a cesarean rate near 50% is beyond concerning - it's frightening.

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