Consumer Report on Birth!

Here's their report on the ten things to avoid and the ten things to get during your birth. I love it! Especially this part:

"Get labor support. Women who receive continuous support are in labor for shorter periods and are less likely to need intervention. The most effective support comes from someone who is not a member of the hospital staff and is not in your social network—a doula, or trained birth assistant, for example—according to a systematic review of 21 studies involving more than 15,000 women in a range of circumstances and settings. Ask your provider for a referral, and see if your insurance company will cover doula care."

1. Cesareans for low risk births.
2. Repeat cesareans (explore VBAC option)
3. Elective early delivery (medicaid will not pay for inductions before 39 weeks without medical cause.)
4. Induction without medical reason (dramatically increases your risk of cesarean.)
5. Ultrasounds after 24 weeks without medical reason.
6. Continuos electronic fetal monitoring.
7. Early epidurals.
8. Breaking your water.
9. Episiotomies.
10. Sending baby to the nursery.

1. Confirm your due date early (to avoid early inductions/unnecessary interventions at the end of pregnancy.)
2. Make a birth plan - and a back up for alternate scenarios.
3. Use a midwife.
4. If you are at risk considering 17-P shots (for former preemie moms.)
5. Consider an external version to turn breech babies (but first try chiropractic care and Spinning Babies!! That addition is from me.)
6. Stay at home in early labor.
7. Be patient - labor takes time!
8. Hire a doula.
9. Listen to your body, and seek out comfort techniques.
10. Skin-to-skin with your newborn as much as possible (not just immediately after birth.)

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