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TED Talks for Birth

I’m working my way through this list of videos – let me know which you like, or if there are others I should watch! TED Birth Talks

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The Gift of Our Presence

This quote jumped out at me when reading a magazine, so I cut it out to save in my inspiration binder. Whether with our partner or children or friends, I think being fully present is increasingly challenging in our very … Continue reading

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Birthy Blog Round Up! Parents’ Version

After seeing several posts recently that I thought were so helpful I decided a blog round up was in order! I’ve not decided if this will be a one time or on-going thing, but I know you’ll find these authors … Continue reading

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Martha Sears – My Hero

My firstborn baby was spirited, to put it mildly. Nursing at least every two hours around the clock (or every 45 minutes), PASSIONATE about expressing his opinion, not needing much sleep, wanting constant touch. As a new parent hearing so … Continue reading

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Southwest Birth Round Up!!

So when I found out that the Southwest Birth Round Up was going to be held the same week as my husband’s annual work convention (that he helps run, like he’s in charge of all the tech stuff and it’s … Continue reading

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Doula Posts Update

It’s up! We appreciate your patience as we work out the kinks but sign up is here: $30 to subscribe for one year to all my Tips for Doulas posts! Checkout via paypal or use your credit card here: Whether … Continue reading

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Standing & Waiting

My son is losing his eyesight. We knew before he was born that blindness was a possible side effect from his early arrival, among the many other challenges micro-preemies face. He had a laser eye surgery when he was a … Continue reading

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My Baby Scrapbook

When adding a new birth announcement to my scrapbook I was flipping through the pages and smiling as I saw all these beautiful families. I have birthday invitations, birth announcements, holiday cards, thank you notes, and sweet letters from families … Continue reading

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Blessingways Part II

My original post is here with ideas on Blessingways. Yesterday I hosted a blessingway for a dear friend and fellow birth professional. We were able to surprise her with it by scheduling a “doula brunch” (which is something I do … Continue reading

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Birth Inspiration – Believe

I am reading (and loving) The Gift of Giving Life: Rediscovering the Divine Nature of Pregnancy and Birth. Though I’ve heard this quote many times before, reading it in the context of this book about birth really struck me: Until … Continue reading

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