Southwest Birth Round Up!!

So when I found out that the Southwest Birth Round Up was going to be held the same week as my husband's annual work convention (that he helps run, like he's in charge of all the tech stuff and it's enormous) I felt sick. I was horrified, because it's the one week of the year that my husband cannot leave work and is gone ALL day and late into the night. (Normally he works half days at home, and has a super flexible schedule - which is how I can do doula work!) I cannot take clients for the month of April and half of May because of his work convention - so I knew there was no way I could attend the conference. (I cried.)

However, after visiting with one of the amazing roundup coordinators earlier this week I found out that (a) there were just a few tickets left for the Friday night dinner with Martha & Dr. Sears AND (b) it didn't start until 7pm. I called my husband and begged and he went to his bosses and said, "HEIDI'S HEROES!" and they said yes!! He could sneak away so I could attend!!!!!!! He told them if anything broke they were on their own, as he would have six kids with him. 🙂

untitled (1 of 42)Which means that last night I drove down to Fort Worth with Mary (my neighbor/doula mentor/dear friend) and WE MET MARTHA AND BILL SEARS! Well, technically I didn't introduce myself to Dr. Sears because I was talking with Martha and so many other amazing people (Donna of Banned From Baby Showers & Birth Boot Camp fame, Sarah from Mama Birth, one of the Round up speakers - Lesley (an amazing doula and doula trainer.) I know I'm missing some names... it was an incredible evening. (Good food, too! Joe T. Garcia's! Here's the lovely party hall.)

I'll have to write up a post about my conversation with Martha and Mary - IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!

Here are Mary & Lesley (one of the speakers) then Mary & me with Maria (the Dallas BirthNetwork chapter leader, one of the coordinators of the Roundup, and a beautiful friend.)

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Martha & Dr. Sears, along with many of the coordinators, speakers, chapter leaders, etc!
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