Blessingways Part II

My original post is here with ideas on Blessingways.

Yesterday I hosted a blessingway for a dear friend and fellow birth professional. We were able to surprise her with it by scheduling a "doula brunch" (which is something I do every few months since I began training, which is the subject of another post.) The guests all arrived about half an hour early so we could set up and the mother-of-honor came half an hour later. She says we did manage to surprise her!

Some of the activities included delicious food (there was some healthy stuff, I promise) -

And lots of visiting, but we also wrote out scriptures and affirmations on cards to be read to the mom during labor. I had candles for each mom to take home and light when they receive word she is in labor (though many of us will be actually AT the birth!) There was a larger candle for her to light to remember our prayers during her labor. And I did small candles - you know, with hopes for a short labor. 🙂

And guests brought (or sent, if they had to miss) a bead or a couple beads to make a birth wishes bracelet. Each bead comes with a special hope or well wish for the mom's birth, and she can wear this to remember our encircling support: Blessingways

Then we used a red ribbon wrapped around each of our wrists then passed to the next woman in the circle until we were all connected. We cut the string and tied the ribbon for the woman next to us, and we wear the ribbon until she births. (You can see it tied around our wrists in this photo.) It was neat to see all of us literally connected in this circle of support around our friend.

I've attended blessingways or mother's blessing celebrations before and it's always been such a neat, moving experience. Even with a traditional baby shower there are neat activities you can incorporate that help the mother feel honored and supported through her amazing transition to welcoming a new baby. If you've participated in a blessing way, what activities did you most enjoy? Please share them in a comment below!

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4 Responses to Blessingways Part II

  1. Becky says:

    I am planning one right now. I am pregnant with my 3rd (another boy, I have all boys) and I regretted not having a shower with my second even though I didn’t need anything. When I found this idea I thought it was great way to celebrate the creation of a new life and get some female support (in a world i have full of wonderful men). I really hope it turns out well. We are planning a bead ceremony, Giving the candles out as “favors” Guessing tummy size (a shower game I brought over to the blessing way). A wish box for blessings and wishes for new mommy and baby. And lots of food (a pitch-in). I’m excited!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Heidi, I just stumbled across your blog while trying to plan my own BlessingWay, and can I just say how invaluable your information has been!? I feel like I have a really great grasp on what I want for my celebration, and how we can do it on a budget. So, THANK YOU!
    I did have a question: At what week gestation do BlessingWays typically occur? At least in your experience 🙂 I love the idea of guests wearing a ribbon bracelet until the birth, but am curious how long they’re expected to wear it? 2 weeks? A month? Thanks in advance for your reply!

    • Heidi Thaden-Pierce says:

      Stephanie, I’m so glad it was helpful to you!

      The celebrations I’ve attended tend to be in the final month of pregnancy, around 35-37 weeks but sometimes closer to 39 weeks if it’s a first time mom. The ribbon often does not last staying on more than a couple days after the ceremony, but another option I’ve seen was an decorative elastic ribbon tied as a bracelet that could be slipped on/off for the attendees to wear. I still have one from a doula client’s celebration almost four years ago – it was very cute! 🙂

      I would love to hear how the celebration goes!