I wish every birth went smoothly, quickly, and exactly as planned - but we all know birth comes with surprises! It's in those situations as a doula that I am so grateful to be there to help parents transition from the birth they hoped for to a new birth story - which will can still be amazing, joyous, and beautiful!

“I met Heidi at a birth class and appreciated her genuine personality. She was really personable. I approached her about her doula services and next thing we know, my husband and I hired her after our initial consultation meeting. Because of her experience and the fact that she is a mother of 6 assured us that we would be in good hands. Heidi was invaluable to us during my labor and delivery. I labored at home for a little while before laboring at the birth center. She assisted us greatly and was even in the OR with me when I had to have a csection. We could not have done it without Heidi. We are grateful for her!” – Michelle

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