Postpartum Herbal Bath Take II

Herbal Bath RecipeMy old recipe for herbal bath is here. A group of doulas had split the bulk order and were running low so this time Mary made the order and it included:

* chamomile flowers
* calendula petals
* witch hazel bark
* shepherd’s purse 

* comfrey leaf

The entire bag is steeped in 5 cups of water and then strained (fine mesh strainer is best, some pieces are very small.) You can pour one cup into a peri rinse bottle for after bathroom use in the first few days postpartum. The other four cups you pour into your bathwater, and the baby can join you as the herbs are great for umbilical cord healing. You can store the steeped, drained herbs in the fridge to be used a second time (steep again in four cups of water, strain into bath) but be sure to use them within 48 hours.

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