Fun to Come!

* Currently my tech/design guy is swamped with a major project but once that is completed he's tackling MY big project - a redo of my photo site with some new additions. I am very excited, as this will involve a new movie (complete with original soundtrack!) celebrating 20 of the births I've photographed this last year and two new photography services I'm offering (fun!!) Plus some design stuff which I let my designer decide on as he's helpful like that. Oh, and he's also the one who composed and recorded the music for the video - he is so handy to have around! 😉

* The posts that were scheduled over the summer (testimonials, inspirational thoughts, tips for doulas) will be ending this autumn. Tips for Doulas won't be as consistent but I'll still be sharing those as they occur to me & I hope you found them useful!

* This fall I am excited to be introducing a series of guest posts from birth professionals in my area on a variety of topics, to include prenatal massage, yoga, the Special Scars group, chiropractic care, placental encapsulation, and more. The current plan is for posts to be every other week (Special Guest Saturdays) and if you have any suggestions for topics or people you would like include then send me a quick message at While I'm focusing on locals right now, I may expand it to include other birth professionals outside my area, and they will be providing useful information no matter where you reside. My incentive is that I often receive questions about these topics from clients and rather than trying to answer them myself I'm going to the source! Having a post on my site with an explanation from the professional and a link to their site will be a great resource, and I'm having fun talking with each of the guest posters.

* The next baby brunch reunion has been scheduled and I'm looking forward to seeing sweet babies and expectant parents. It's going to be a beautiful autumn season.

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