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Denton birth photoWhile having a photographer present for labor & birth may not appeal to everyone, I believe it's safe to say that EVERYONE wants pictures of the sweet new baby! That cute face appears and the cell phones and cameras come out as loved ones near and far clamor for pictures. Immediately after birth may not be when mom and dad are feeling their most photogenic, and they want to be able to focus on those first precious moments of bonding rather than snapping pictures and emailing them out. I'm incredibly excited to offer a new option for parents wanting to document the first day, but not necessarily wanting the full birth photography package - First Day Photos!

Denton Inanna birthJust as with my doula and birth photography services, I go on call for First Day Photo clients starting at 38 weeks gestation. If your little one arrives during daylight hours you call me as soon as you feel up to it, and we'll discuss how quickly you would like me to arrive. I come to your hospital room, birth center, or home and start capturing those precious moments right away. (For babies deciding to make a nighttime entrance you contact me when the sun comes up, as I will be photographing during daylight hours - 7am to 7pm.) Depending on how things went you can choose instead to get some rest, shower & change, eat, and then have me join you. If siblings or grandparents are coming to meet the new arrival then we can coordinate for me to be there ready and waiting, snapping those cute expressions and eager embraces. This session can be booked alone or combined with my doula-photo services, for parents wanting me to return at a later time for pictures with siblings, grandparents, or simply after they've had some sleep!

Similar to birth photography, First Day Photos sessions are lifestyle photography - I am not posing you, but rather quietly capturing the moments you are sharing as a new family. These may include the first bath, cuddles and kisses, dad learning how to put on that diaper & dressing, and grandparents singing to the new baby.

Denton Inanna BirthYour session lasts an hour, from which you will receive 20 to 30 photos in a private online gallery to share with friends and family. Knowing how eager your loved ones are to meet your new baby, I strive to have your gallery posted as quickly as possible! You will also receive the large sized files of your edited photos with a personal print release, allowing you to share the photos as birth announcements, in your baby book, or printing pictures for your nursery. I provided watermarked websized images of your photos to allow you to share on Facebook or other sites as well. Images are primarily in a warm customized black & white, with occasional color photos.

Denton birth photoFirst Day Photos is not a formal newborn photo session, rather they are soft, tender, precious records of these fleeting moments. While I cannot guarantee any one image, I will strive to document the emotion as well as the details - fuzzy newborn hair, wrinkled feet, little fists. Babies change so very quickly, and within the first week your newborn's entire appearance alters. Having a First Day Photos session preserves these sweet & overwhelming memories before they pass. Because I take a limited number of clients each month & I book several months in advance, contact me now to get your spot saved in my schedule! I can be reached at

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