While parents may understand the benefits of a postpartum doula if they are first time parents, parents with subsequent babies may find the services of a doula even MORE helpful! From reminding them of those little tricks and techniques to helping soothe the baby so they can focus on their older child, to assisting with breastfeeding challenges they may not have previously faced - a doula can benefit every parent:

“Heidi came over and did a postpartum visit with me and it was WONDERFUL! This is my fifth child and yet there are still so many things I don’t know or need a refresher course on. She came over, talked with me and then jumped right in helping with whatever I needed. Including taking my very colicky 6 weeks old and getting him to sleep. She also gave me some wonderful tips and tools to help get him to sleep and help him stay asleep that have helped immensely. She is a wealth of knowledge and techniques. I definitely recommend working with her." -Kelsey

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