Placental Encapsulation & DFW Placenta

FullSizeRenderAs of January 1st there is now a law in the state of Texas that a hospital or birth center MUST release a placenta to the mother. (There is some paperwork to be signed, which I've never had a doula client need to do previous, and the law does say if there's an infectious disease issue the hospital does not have to release it.) But this is great news, as previously some families have been told they could not take their placenta or were forced to have it released to a funeral home (yes, seriously) and pay a fee to have it given back.

DFW Placenta is ready to encapsulate your placenta, and they also provide tinctures and salves. You can contact them on their special placenta phone (yes, it's red) at 844-PLACNTA and they'll get you all set up. While sometimes parents wait until their baby has already arrived to contact them (Maria, Maryn, and Krista) I would highly encourage you to contact them as soon as you've decided. They'll quickly mail you a special delivery package with a cooler (see above photo!), gloves, bags, and all the instructions to walk you through the process. Once your little one is born you'll have everything you need to package up your placenta, call the number, and they'll arrange pick up from you. (They also deliver your pills back to your home, of course.)

You can read through their Frequently Asked Questions here. They're also happy to help answer other questions you may have not listed there - just give them a call or send them an email.

(Disclosure - DFW Placenta does offer a referral program with details on their website. However, I have sent many moms to them and have NOT accepted any referral card in exchange. I did ask for one of their totally awesome coolers - because it's the best lunchbox EVER. 🙂 I genuinely believe they are a fantastic business with excellent customer service, attention to detail, professionalism, and value for your money - that's why I refer to them.)

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