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Martha Sears – My Hero

My firstborn baby was spirited, to put it mildly. Nursing at least every two hours around the clock (or every 45 minutes), PASSIONATE about expressing his opinion, not needing much sleep, wanting constant touch. As a new parent hearing so … Continue reading

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Southwest Birth Round Up!!

So when I found out that the Southwest Birth Round Up was going to be held the same week as my husband’s annual work convention (that he helps run, like he’s in charge of all the tech stuff and it’s … Continue reading

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Energy Bites Part II (GF, Vegan)

These are similar to a very famous energy bar whose name I won’t mention lest I violate a copyright of some sort. 🙂 They are similar to the energy bites I posted before, but these are a gluten free & … Continue reading

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Denton County BirthNetwork Baby Fair Success!

This is the first Baby Fair (or ANY fair!) I’ve helped to coordinate, and I was nervous about how we would pull it up. The autumn thunderstorm that flooded the parking lot did not help ease that worry. 🙂 But … Continue reading

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Henna at the Blessingway

During the blessingway a friend decorated the expectant momma’s belly and the ladies did a few decorations on each other. (I have an anklet.) I smile and think of that sweet baby on the way every time I see it! … Continue reading

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Bizarre Baby Food for the Blessingway!

A doula-birth photographer friend had her blessingway tonight, and inspired by the bizarre baby shower cakes we’ve seen online we decided to go with some cute – and creepy – food ideas! First, the cute (before I scare you away!) … Continue reading

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Energy Balls for Pregnancy, Labor & Lactation! (Vegan & GF Free)

Energy Bites: 1 cup oats (quick oats, verify they are GF if you or baby have sensitivity) 1/2 cup peanut butter or almond butter 1/3 cup honey 1 cup coconut 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips (chop up a vegan chocolate … Continue reading

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Want to Be My Client?

This is how my birth doula services work. My intake form which I need you to fill out before our first prenatal visit. The birth history form if you’ve had children before, which I also need before our visit. My … Continue reading

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Blessingways Part II

My original post is here with ideas on Blessingways. Yesterday I hosted a blessingway for a dear friend and fellow birth professional. We were able to surprise her with it by scheduling a “doula brunch” (which is something I do … Continue reading

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Compassionate Service – Blessing a Family in Need

I’m sharing this from our family blog to offer ideas on how we can serve a family experiencing a high risk pregnancy, having an infant in the NICU, or helping any family welcoming home a new baby. I hope this … Continue reading

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