Bizarre Baby Food for the Blessingway!

A doula-birth photographer friend had her blessingway tonight, and inspired by the bizarre baby shower cakes we've seen online we decided to go with some cute - and creepy - food ideas!

First, the cute (before I scare you away!) -

untitled (4 of 27)untitled (3 of 27)

Now... onto the creepy -

This was actually a delicious cranberry cream cheese dip. It's only creepy if a bunch of birth professionals are eating it and cracking jokes about a placenta. 🙂

untitled (1 of 27)

Punch... or a waterbirth:

untitled (6 of 27)

Of course we had to have the watermelon fetus in the Jell-O bowl:

untitled (9 of 27)

I'll spare you the explanation of this - but the cream cheese & pepper jelly (with flaxseed um.... and a kiwi baby head) was really good!

untitled (13 of 27)

These are no bake chocolate chip cookies, which are completely normal - until you insert a fish net and remember water births:

untitled (2 of 27)

We also had some normal food, a great dip, casserole, cupcakes, and some fun and games along with the special and meaningful blessings and making of her bead bracelet, with a hope and prayer from each of us. We took home a candle to light when her labor begins to remind us to pray for her, we each have the ribbon tie around our wrists to remind us of our connections, and we played the "My water broke!" game with plastic babies in the ice cubes:

untitled (25 of 27)

I'll write a separate post to share photos of the henna, it was beautiful - and a lovely night with amazing women and so much laughter!

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