Denton County BirthNetwork Baby Fair Success!

DCBN Baby FairThis is the first Baby Fair (or ANY fair!) I've helped to coordinate, and I was nervous about how we would pull it up. The autumn thunderstorm that flooded the parking lot did not help ease that worry. 🙂 But it worked, thanks to fantastic co-leaders and an inspired friend calling literally as I pulled up to the library asking if she could help set up. Plus Kit and the kids chipped in to help!

I lost track, but I saw numerous babies whose births I attended, more whom I helped with their parents' childbirth class, current class students, these beautiful doula clients, plus inquiries about more cute babies on their way. While I was there as a chapter leader for the Denton County BirthNetwork I was also staffing the table for the Inanna Birth Center (where I midwife assist) and my own business. Busy, busy but beautiful day.

DCBN Baby FairIf you are interested in becoming a professional member of our BirthNetwork then you receive listings in the national guide, our local guide, as well as the DFW area wide print edition coming out next year - but listings are due ASAP so move fast! I can walk you through the process. Professional membership also means we keep your business materials on a special table at our meetings (even if you cannot attend) and we choose guest speakers from our membership. Our next meeting for the DCBN is Monday, October 7th from 7-8:30pm and we'll be hearing from two local IBCLCs about breastfeeding. Email me if you want a link to our FB event page -

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