Energy Bites Part II (GF, Vegan)

www.BetterBirthDoula.orgThese are similar to a very famous energy bar whose name I won't mention lest I violate a copyright of some sort. 🙂 They are similar to the energy bites I posted before, but these are a gluten free & paleo version (from what I hear - I don't do paleo so I'm not sure of the guidelines!)

The base is dates, which I found at Aldis and decided to get creative with. You then add nuts (cashews, pecans, almonds) and a paste if you want (peanut or almond butter) along with other add ins - chocolate chips, coconut, dried cherries or craisins, etc. Get creative!

This is the recipe I used for inspiration but I played around with ingredients and amounts until it was a texture I liked. Do make sure you chop the dates and nuts first before adding the other stuff to help it get a better consistency. Mine was a bit wet at first so I added more almonds and chocolate chips and then it looked too crumbly - but you don't want it sticky, once you press them into balls or bars even the crumbly mixture stayed together well.

These are great for one handed snacking while nursing, for pregnant moms on the go, as an early labor snack, and for all of us chasing toddlers. If you tried it let me know what variation was yummiest for you!

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