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This little one really kept us on our toes! While I admit I often tear up when I see parents welcoming their new baby and there’s so much joy in the room, this time I was in tears BEFORE the … Continue reading

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Martha Sears – My Hero

My firstborn baby was spirited, to put it mildly. Nursing at least every two hours around the clock (or every 45 minutes), PASSIONATE about expressing his opinion, not needing much sleep, wanting constant touch. As a new parent hearing so … Continue reading

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Doula Posts Update

It’s up! We appreciate your patience as we work out the kinks but sign up is here: $30 to subscribe for one year to all my Tips for Doulas posts! Checkout via paypal or use your credit card here: Whether … Continue reading

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Our family has three August birthdays – our fourth & fifth babies and my husband’s. I was on call at the end of the month and wondered if I would miss a birthday, but my family is VERY flexible and … Continue reading

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Doula Belt | Tips for Doulas

I saw the FlipBelt on Pinterest and I was intrigued. Not that I’ve run in years (it’s designed for runners) but I do chase children around a lot, and we love to do hikes as a family. I’m always hesitant … Continue reading

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Peanut Ball Article & Links

Here is a really well done article by Andrea about the use of peanut balls in labor. My first post (with link to a video) about peanut balls and epidurals is part of my new doula section – you can … Continue reading

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This testimonial made me burst out laughing. It was such a fun home birth to welcome their fifth baby, and after being hired by the couple I found out I’m friends with both the midwife and the midwife assistant. While … Continue reading

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Standing & Waiting

My son is losing his eyesight. We knew before he was born that blindness was a possible side effect from his early arrival, among the many other challenges micro-preemies face. He had a laser eye surgery when he was a … Continue reading

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Time & Money

This is only tangential to doula work, but it made me laugh so hard! We’re teaching a lesson on budget to my kids and I asked them what they think I make as a doula – my 9 year old … Continue reading

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Two of my Doula Babies

I love these babies! I was honored to be at each of their births, and I love having the chance to snuggle them and watch them grow!

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