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I saw the FlipBelt on Pinterest and I was intrigued. Not that I've run in years (it's designed for runners) but I do chase children around a lot, and we love to do hikes as a family. I'm always hesitant to leave my bag unattended at the park with my wallet & keys, but it's bulky and a pain to carry it with me while pushing kids on the swings or going down slides.

Not to mention as a doula I need to keep my phone on me whenever possible, so if I'm running around the park or hiking or in the museum with the kids I want to keep my phone close when I'm on call. So this FlipBelt looks very intriguing to me - as a mom and as a doula.

Then I started thinking - I bet this would be great at BIRTHS! I could keep my phone in it for quick notes on their birth timeline, my chapstick, even my little essential oils bottle! This could be BRILLIANT for births! My hands would be free to help moms, but I could still have some of the essentials from my doula bag immediately accessible. I'm curious how many and what things I can keep in it!

So I ordered one. 🙂 I'll post a review after I try it out at home with my kids and when I attend my next birth. I'm really excited!

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