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In our town there are instructors for at least four types of childbirth education courses - all programs with some great strengths and information (Lamaze, Birth Boot Camp, Bradley, Birthing from Within.) Both hospitals in town also offer classes! However, despite these many options there are some parents for whom scheduling is so tricky that they cannot attend any of these courses.

Which brings me to an option I am so excited to share - an online curriculum from Birth Boot Camp! This program was created here in the DFW area and I've been fortunate to talk with the creator (Donna) as well as some of the trainers & instructors. I've looked through the materials, and I am impressed! It is thorough, engaging, detailed, VERY up-to-date, and will prepare you incredibly well for your birth experience. You can see videos and more information on their website here.

Again, I think in class courses are always ideal but if scheduling or location makes that tricky then Birth Boot Camp online is absolutely the best option I've found for an online childbirth preparation class. No matter where you are living around the world you can access this and know you're going to have tons of important information and preparation ideas for your birth. GO check it out!

www.BetterBirthDoula.orgAlso, they have a breastfeeding DVD that I hear is amazing, and I'll be checking it out this week & let you know what I think. It's available through Amazon here.

Update: Guess who I had the chance to talk with tonight at the Southwest Birth Round Up?? It was an incredible night (more about that to come) and I met the Sears, among other amazing speakers at the conference. However, I was also awed to meet so many of the local celebrities from our truly incredible DFW birth community. I consider Donna to be one of those celebrities - she's a powerful advocate for birth in our area and I'm honored to have talked with her. I think when I asked for a picture with her she thought I was joking at first, but I was serious. 🙂

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