www.BetterBirthDoula.orgOur family has three August birthdays - our fourth & fifth babies and my husband's. I was on call at the end of the month and wondered if I would miss a birthday, but my family is VERY flexible and understanding. (Besides, we like any excuse to celebrate birthdays early, on the day, and afterwards! When Mom is on call there is lots of partying around here.)

Just after midnight on my husband's birthday I got called to a birth, and I tried to sneak out the door quietly. Normally he gets up when I'm called to help grab my stuff, give me snacks, and get me out the door faster, but I wanted to let him sleep this time. The funny thing is that I met with the couple welcoming their second baby having absolutely no idea how long I would be with them - and this little baby surprised us by coming VERY fast! So fast that he was here, I spent a couple hours with them postpartum taking photos and making sure everyone was settled, and I was back home before my family even woke up. So while technically it was my husband's birthday, he slept through the entire birth!

Heidi was my doula and birth photographer for my second son. She was a great resource throughout the pregnancy and she always made herself available. She has such a calm and sweet spirit about her that made it very easy for me to share intimate details about myself with her. Even though I had a very short labor (3 hours), I am so grateful that she was there to help! I can only imagine what a comfort she would be to a mom with a lengthy labor. Her and my husband made the perfect team to help me through the toughest parts when I wanted to give up, and not to mention the photos I have from the birth are so beautiful. I know I will treasure those for years and years to come. I can tell Heidi truly cares about the families she assists through this journey. What other person would leave her family on her husband's birthday to help someone to give birth!? I am so thankful for her and I know she treats every client just as special as she treated me. 🙂 - Catharine

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