untitled (15 of 154)This little one really kept us on our toes! While I admit I often tear up when I see parents welcoming their new baby and there's so much joy in the room, this time I was in tears BEFORE the baby arrived! The parents worked incredibly hard together as a beautiful team, full of faith through the challenges that came up. While we were preparing for a possible cesarean, when we discovered it wouldn't be necessary I cried tears of relief and happiness for this sweet family and just minutes later they welcomed a perfect, healthy baby boy:

We hired Heidi on the recommendation of a friend, who said that hiring Heidi was the best money she spent during her pregnancy. Heidi was absolutley great! She had already done so many births at the hospital we choose to birth at. It was so comforting to have someone with us who could tell us what to expect. Heidi was with us for about 13 hours and, when the doctor told us that we would probably need to have a c-section due to my son's size, Heidi helped us to come to terms with the unexpected outcome. She continued to work with us and our nurse on positioning and two hours later, to everyone's surprise, our son made his appearance without further intervention! - Rebekah

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