JuiceThis testimonial made me burst out laughing. It was such a fun home birth to welcome their fifth baby, and after being hired by the couple I found out I'm friends with both the midwife and the midwife assistant. While the mom was very obviously working hard birthing her sweet baby, it was also such a neat experience - it felt like a "Welcome, Baby!" party. My husband teased me that it sounded more like a night out with friends rather than work. 🙂

Here's her very kind full review:

Oh. Seriously.  Heidi is such a big help...She freed my husband from needing to do all those little things I wished for, and he was able to relax and enjoy the birth his own way.  We loved it.  I was having my fifth baby and my fourth homebirth, Heidi was the first doula and I struggled with whether I really needed one at a homebirth.  Oh. Girl.  You need one. Doulas are not luxuries.  They are necessities. - Charlyn"

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