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Benefits of Breastfeeding Handout

This is a fantastic summary of the benefits of breastfeeding for babies & mommies! Sometimes families may not understand how wonderful breastmilk is, and sharing this list may help them learn more and be better supportive of nursing moms. Benefits … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding – Tongue Tie

Tongue Tie The above link is an excellent PDF showing the various types of tongue ties (including the maxillary frenulum, which most of my children had/have!) and explains how these issues can impact breastfeeding. While diagnosing a tongue tie is … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding Tips

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions lately about breastfeeding so I wanted to share some thoughts. First, here are three excellent resources: La Leche League Breastfeeding Inc. Kelly Mom Second, breastfeeding books I own – these are available to … Continue reading

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Newborns & Scent

Did you know that your baby learns your scent in the womb and when they emerge if they are not bathed right away they can recognize the scent of you on their own hands? Fascinating to learn about the study. … Continue reading

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Ways to Entertain Kids

Here’s a great list of ways to entertain your child while laying (or sitting) down. From Babycenter. For moms on bedrest with older children to entertain, or for moms with a new baby and big siblings needing some attention, this … Continue reading

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Lactation Cookies

Oatmeal, flaxseed, and brewer’s yeast are all helpful for milk supply. This is our standard vegan cookie recipe with the brewer’s yeast addition. Hmmm, considering how often I make these vegan cookies I wonder why my milk supply is more … Continue reading

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Managing Breastfeeding Complications

Tomorrow morning I’ll attend another class at a hospital in the metroplex, this one on breastfeeding complications and how to assist mothers with special circumstances. I’ve completed the DONA suggested Breastfeeding Basics Course which just briefly touched on potential challenges … Continue reading

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La Leche League

Last night I attended another meeting towards my certification as a postpartum doula, this one the LLL of Denton. I’ve never been before and wasn’t sure the format, but it was (of course!) very baby/child friendly and really interesting. There … Continue reading

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Herbal Infusions

One of my doula certification assignments is to try an herbal infusion, using each herb alone for a week and then combining them all. I chose a good pregnancy/nursing “tea” combo (leaving out the herb that’s good for increasing supply … Continue reading

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Denton Presby – Baby Friendly Initiative and Tub

Update: Denton Presby no longer allows moms to use the tub for births or while laboring, despite MANY moms requesting it. 🙁 One of my doula certification assignments is to tour a birth center and a hospital and write up … Continue reading

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