Managing Breastfeeding Complications

Tomorrow morning I'll attend another class at a hospital in the metroplex, this one on breastfeeding complications and how to assist mothers with special circumstances. I've completed the DONA suggested Breastfeeding Basics Course which just briefly touched on potential challenges with nursing. I'm eager to learn more about how to help mothers when things don't go as smoothly!

This class will count as continuing education credits towards my Happiest Baby certification, as well as giving me hours to finish up my breastfeeding training as a postpartum doula. My course requires 6 hours but once this is done I'll have 13 - I'm passionate about helping moms and babies establish a positive nursing relationship! At some point I hope to also take their class on Breastfeeding the Compromised Infant, helping babies born prematurely or with medical conditions.

Update: There were four of us doulas attending, two I had not yet met in real life. I learned a lot AND got home earlier than anticipated and found my own nursling sound asleep. 🙂 My schedule is now wide open as we anticipate the arrival of a sweet little girl in the next week.

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