Herbal Infusions

One of my doula certification assignments is to try an herbal infusion, using each herb alone for a week and then combining them all. I chose a good pregnancy/nursing "tea" combo (leaving out the herb that's good for increasing supply - fenugreek or blessed thistle, as I have enough milk!) And for those that avoid tea, there is no actual tea in this. 🙂 But these three herbs are good for pregnant (or nursing) mothers:


Info from Penn Herbs but herbs from Frontier! 🙂

Nettle leaf is an herbalist’s top-pick to soothe distressing seasonal symptoms, relieve temporary water weight gain and promote fluid balance. The nutrient-rich "spring tonic" also nourishes, detoxifies, and reinvigorates vital body systems! It is just loaded with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and a host of nutrients, including chlorophyll, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, and more!

Herbalists praise Red Raspberry as one of nature’s ultimate gift to women. Why? For centuries, the renowned female tonic has provided effective support throughout all stages of a woman’s life- from menstrual to menopausal health. Red Raspberry also has a long history of use by traditional midwives and women seeking a gentle alternative for strengthening and maintaining overall reproductive health. In addition, the herb is a valuable storehouse of the key nutrients that positively affect women’s health, including calcium, iron, and vitamin E. It offers nutritional support for pre-menstrual needs, supports a smooth female cycle, and gently calms morning sickness associated with pregnancy.

Rose Hips are the little, bright red fruits you see on the Rose plant after the flowers have bloomed and the petals have fallen. Yet they're one of nature’s most concentrated sources of antioxidant vitamin C & bioflavonoids - and with the same health benefits! Rosehips promote healthy resistance, soothe stress, strengthen blood vessel…and more!

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