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Denton Presby – Baby Friendly Initiative and Tub

Update: Denton Presby no longer allows moms to use the tub for births or while laboring, despite MANY moms requesting it. 🙁 One of my doula certification assignments is to tour a birth center and a hospital and write up … Continue reading

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Skin-to-Skin & Crying

A review of over 30 studies on the effect of early (in the delivery room) skin to skin contact on infants and mothers showed that babies who were in skin to skin contact: *interacted more with their mother, *stayed warmer, … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding Links

I just completed my breastfeeding course, woo-hoo! But here is the link if you would like a very extensive breastfeeding “basics” course (that goes way beyond the basics!) It was suggested by DONA to fulfill their breastfeeding class requirement for … Continue reading

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Inspiration – What Lies Within

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Cesarean Birth Options

I prefer to call it a cesarean birth (vs. delivery) because you are still giving birth, whether surgically or vaginally. Either way, in the event that you know you’ll have a cesarean birth then here are some things to consider … Continue reading

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Birth Stories

“A story has emotional power: it brings meaning, hope, and vision together; it connects body and soul. It can be as simple as saying or as complex as biography; it can come from a conversation, a newspaper clipping, a movie, … Continue reading

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Preparing Siblings – Suggested Readings

It’s fun to do some special welcome baby activities to help your children understand what is happening and get excited about the new little one arrive. Here is a post with some crafty ideas, and here are some books we … Continue reading

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Sleeping Like a Baby

I remember long ago as a new parent thinking a baby was suppose to sleep in a crib, maybe a bassinet by your bed for the first few weeks but then a crib for sure. And for some children that’s … Continue reading

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Herbal Baths & Teas

I didn’t try an herbal bath postpartum until our sixth baby and I LOVED it, and I thought it was so wonderful I sent the rest of my herbal mix to two women I love that were about to have … Continue reading

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Planning for the Unexpected

“Planning” for the unexpected sounds like an oxymoron, but it is a necessary undertaking for all pregnant women: whether you intend to have natural childbirth, an epidural, a home birth, or a scheduled cesarean. “… studies from around the world … Continue reading

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