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I just completed my breastfeeding course, woo-hoo! But here is the link if you would like a very extensive breastfeeding "basics" course (that goes way beyond the basics!) It was suggested by DONA to fulfill their breastfeeding class requirement for certification. (It's not required for Birth Arts International Certification but you know me, I like to be thorough. 😉 )

Drugs & Lactation database link here!

(Thanks to Tonya & Joy for the links!)

Several links I've not explored yet.

International Breastfeeding Centre

Dr. Jack Newman

Myths about nursing (several pages.)

The Visual MD which is neat except I want to help that mother bring her child in closer to her chest because that latch & positioning is just looking painful! I wish they had demonstrated better positions, see how the baby is pulling away from mom's breast and not belly to belly?

But besides that painful looking latch, that video is really neat. When it ends there are pages below you can look at and read more about the composition and benefits of breastmilk. I'm learning a lot, it's amazing!

And from my breastfeeding course:

"We need to remind mothers that breastfeeding remains the most powerful prevention against both malnutrition and infectious diseases."
Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director-General,
World Health Organization; 1998

Trainings - Most of these courses are available for free (or a small fee) and it appears there are at least six of the Breastfeeding Management and the Breastfeeding a Compromised Infant courses in the DFW area in the next few months, but only three of the Managing Breastfeeding Complications (in Rockwall and Lewisville.) Here is the link. Very helpful for doulas! (And probably parents, if you really want to learn more about breastfeeding!)

I plan to attend one in Lewisville at the end of September on Managing Breastfeeding Complications that covers:
• Maternal complications that impact breastfeeding success
• Infant complications that impact breastfeeding success
• Breastfeeding management techniques and equipment

The compromised infant course covers:
• Skin to Skin contact
• Breastfeeding equipment to assist with feeding difficulties
• Establishing mother’s milk supply for the compromised infant

And the intro/basic course (which is the longest) covers:
► Discuss the advantages of breastfeeding. ► Describe the components of human milk. ► Describe the internal and external structures of the mammary tissue. ► Identify the effect of maternal diet and nutritional choices on both the infant and mother. ► Evaluate three positions and three indicators of a good latch. ► Describe the management of common breastfeeding problems. ► Discuss ways to initiate milk supply or maintain milk supply when mother and infant are separated. ► Evaluate the safety of medications during lactation. ► Identify how hospitals, birthing centers, and work environments can support the breastfeeding woman.

Lewisville is offering the intro (all day) course on Thursday with the managing complications course on Friday (half day.)

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