Samaritan Ministries & Doulas

Several clients have been participating in Samaritan Ministries as a health insurance alternative. If you are also with them (or a doula whose clients use this organization) I wanted to make sure you know they will reimburse you for part of your doula's fee. You'll need a letter from your doula that includes information about her (certification, contact info, billed amount, business address and contact number) and I added onto that letter a statement of receipt/payment. My clients have been grateful for that extra support from Samaritan Ministries in helping with their birth!

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Birthy Blog Post Round-Up IV – Parents’ Version

BetterBirthDoula.orgAnother post from about how beautiful our bodies are, accompanied by gorgeous birth photos!

And also - I'm not sure if the words or photos are more breathtaking, but I adore this post about the sisterhood of women, and what pulls us out of bed in the middle of the night. (Hint - your babies are adorable, but that's not the only reason.)

The blog YourBirthExperience.come talks about the importance of Knowing Yourself in Birth.

"I Can Do This!"

More & more we're hearing about the benefits of having an undisturbed first hour after birth.

What does it mean when doulas say that they hold the space?

Also geared towards doulas, but one I thought was good for parents to read as they decide how they want their story shared - client privacy and online sharing.

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Birthy Blog Round Up III – Parents’ Version

BetterBirthDoula.orgAfter seeing several posts recently that I thought were so helpful I decided a blog round up was in order! This is the round up for parents, but there's another round-up for birth professionals that's available through my Tips for Doulas series.

Interesting read from a veteran doula sharing why her age is an asset as a doula from Nurturing Doula Dreams. I admit I'm still confused by the idea that doulas in their 20s and 30s would tell a doula in her 50s that she's not able to "get it" in regards to doula work. I thought a blessing of aging was the wisdom we acquire over the years? That's my plan at least! 🙂

Ten Things to Ask in a Doula Interview from Great Expectations Birth.

A sweet comic my husband share with me about birth. It will make you smile!

A thorough list of questions to ask a birth photographer before hiring them.

Ten things women say in labor that are entirely normal! A fun, and very accurate read.

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Sneak Peek – Baby Hazel

Two years ago I had the honor of attending the birth of their first little girl, and this week I was there as they welcomed their second daughter. It was a gorgeous day with a gorgeous family, and I can't stop smiling as I edit their birth photos. Here's a little peek of some of the sweet moments I captured for them.

This was my first chance to document an herbal bath in this particular tub, and I admit I was getting rather daring standing up on the edge over mom's shoulder (while being very careful to not slip, I promise!) If you are interested in checking out the herbal bath I'm doing a giveaway of some here.

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World Breastfeeding Week 2015

IMG_2268Happy World Breastfeeding Week! How sweet is this hour old baby tucked in with his momma?

Though I think this is also a great time to remember that however we nourished our babies' bodies - breast or bottle - the snuggles and love in our arms nourished their souls. Not every mom chooses to breastfeeding, but of those that do I hope each will find the support and resources they need on their journey. Nursing is not easy, and sometimes it's not possible for momma & baby, and that's okay! What matters most is that these little ones are fed and loved and cuddled and that each family has support in whatever decision they make for their child.

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Tips for Doulas Testimonials

www.BetterBirthDoula.orgWondering if the Tips for Doulas program is worth it?

I have never found such an informative site as yours… Bless you for your advice and wisdom in posting this knowledge for all of us entering this career. -Michele

Thank you so much for blogging about this journey. You answered questions I didn’t know I had. In fact, you have made me more hungry to pursue this. Thanks again. - Jennifer

Read some more thoughts from readers here. Reading these testimonials makes me blush! I'm so honored to be able to help these doulas on their journey in serving families.

Have you been convinced? Subscribe here!

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Birthy Blog Round Up II – Parents’ Version

BetterBirthDoula.orgAfter seeing several posts recently that I thought were so helpful I decided a blog round up was in order! This is the round up for parents, but there's another round-up for birth professionals that's available through my Tips for Doulas series.

12 Phrases Said to Birthing Women That Steal Our Power - and How to Change the Conversation. I'm sad to say I've heard many moms tell me these were things they've heard from their OBs, but I'm thrilled when moms are able to change the script.

What doulas are doing when we're sitting there doing nothing. This one made me smile - it is so very true!

Maria Pokluda writes about PROM and how it's not about the dress. : ]

While many families have heard about postpartum depression, some have not heard about postpartum anxiety. This article has eight signs to be aware of for moms and their support teams.

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The Gift of Our Presence

Gift This quote jumped out at me when reading a magazine, so I cut it out to save in my inspiration binder. Whether with our partner or children or friends, I think being fully present is increasingly challenging in our very busy, LOUD, and somewhat chaotic world. How often do we give someone the gift of our full presence, our attention and listening and our heart focused solely on supporting and hearing them? As a doula I think this is a crucial skill we need to develop, a way we can better support and nurture the growing family through their pregnancy and birth experience. I love the quote, and thought you may appreciate it, too! Spend some time today giving someone you love the gift of your presence.

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Gift Certificates for Doula Services

Gift Certificate - BetterBirthDoula.orgThe benefits of having a doula present at birth are known, and what better gift can friends and family provide for an expectant mom than helping her have a better birth experience? While baby gifts are so much fun to buy, more families are instead registering for doula services. I'm excited to now offer gift certificates, available in any denomination. Parents still arrange for my services with a contract and retainer fee, but their loved ones can assist in covering the remainder of their doula package. (If gift certificates are purchased for my full fee then my retainer fee is returned to the parents.) Once the gift certificates are purchased then any balance remaining is paid by the parents by 37 weeks, when I go on call for them.

Would you like to help someone have a better birth? Purchase gift certificates here. Any questions? I can be reached at

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Public Service Announcement Re: Breastfeeding in Public

Oh, this sone made me laugh! I think it was her facial expressions that were the real icing on the cake. Enjoy!!

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