Gift Certificates for Doula Services

Gift Certificate - BetterBirthDoula.orgThe benefits of having a doula present at birth are known, and what better gift can friends and family provide for an expectant mom than helping her have a better birth experience? While baby gifts are so much fun to buy, more families are instead registering for doula services. I'm excited to now offer gift certificates, available in any denomination. Parents still arrange for my services with a contract and retainer fee, but their loved ones can assist in covering the remainder of their doula package. (If gift certificates are purchased for my full fee then my retainer fee is returned to the parents.) Once the gift certificates are purchased then any balance remaining is paid by the parents by 37 weeks, when I go on call for them.

Would you like to help someone have a better birth? Purchase gift certificates here. Any questions? I can be reached at

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