Birthy Blog Round Up II – Parents’ Version

BetterBirthDoula.orgAfter seeing several posts recently that I thought were so helpful I decided a blog round up was in order! This is the round up for parents, but there's another round-up for birth professionals that's available through my Tips for Doulas series.

12 Phrases Said to Birthing Women That Steal Our Power - and How to Change the Conversation. I'm sad to say I've heard many moms tell me these were things they've heard from their OBs, but I'm thrilled when moms are able to change the script.

What doulas are doing when we're sitting there doing nothing. This one made me smile - it is so very true!

Maria Pokluda writes about PROM and how it's not about the dress. : ]

While many families have heard about postpartum depression, some have not heard about postpartum anxiety. This article has eight signs to be aware of for moms and their support teams.

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