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Suggested Supplies:
- diaper bag (wipes, coming home outfit, diapers, extra blankets, binkie)
- Depends (if you don't like the hospital mesh undies)
- good walking shoes, comfy socks (spares in case yours get dirty, the hospitals do have some)
- clothes to wear during labor and for going home, bathrobe, slippers: I advise a gown/dress for going home as your bottom area is going to be sore and you don't want to wear pants.
(If you are hiring a photographer, choose solid coloring clothing, preferably dark, and encourage your partner to not wearing any clothing with logos or wording on it - it's distracting in the photos. 🙂 )
- extra nightgowns/clothes for stay (which can be 24 hours up to 72+ hours)
- small bottle olive oil (one of our local hospitals carries this, the other I'm not sure about)
- snacks/food/drinks for your partner*
- camera
- carseat
- rice pack/socks**
- music/iPod/speakers
- cell phone and charger
- essential oils & cotton balls (for putting drop on)**
- tennis balls, rolling pin, whatever favorite massager**
- toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash for you and partner, mints/gum
- sports bra for labor, nursing bra for after
- toiletries (soap, lotion, shampoo, chapstick)
- glasses, contact lenses & solution
- pain coping technique flashcards, affirmation cards, labor notes**
- regular meds you are taking, OTC or prescription (though pharmacy may provide)
- favorite pillow, blanket, whatever makes you comfortable
- If children will be attending backpack with snacks, toys, books, etc.
- whatever your partner needs if staying with you, changes of clothing, etc.
- ear plugs & eye shade
- Reading or some sort of entertainment for yourself, because when it's 3am and you're wide awake because baby is nursing, it's nice to have something to read or watch. Not that staring at your new baby isn't entertaining, but after a couple days you might want another option. 🙂 Or if labor is going longer than anticipated, it's nice to have something to keep your mind distracted until you can no longer be distracted but at that point things get exciting and a baby comes out!
- cash for parking/vending machines, etc.
- pen (for all those forms) and paper
- calling list for announcing
- laptop if hospital has wireless (post those cute baby photos fast!)
- birth/labor ball and peanut ball if you have them (Denton Presby has the labor ball, they do NOT have peanut balls and Regional no longer has even birth balls - bring yours if your doula doesn't have one!)**
- your doula 😉

*If you are a Denton family then be aware that Denton Presby's cafeteria closes around 7:30pm and they only have pre-made cold cut sandwiches with bags of chips for after hour dinner options up at L&D. Denton Regional I believe closes that early, too. They have some canned soup options, pudding, popsicles... labor food, not hungry postpartum mom food. So you and your partner may be STARVING after giving birth and have really lousy options. The vending machines are even more sad, so PACK SOME GOOD SNACKS or be prepared to send family out to get you food if it's before 11pm. After 11pm your option is pretty much... What-a-Burger. Hearty snacks are good, you can bring a cooler with things like yogurt (and they may be willing to put it in the fridge with you) and there's a microwave at each hospital that could heat things up if you brought in some homemade soup or something like that. You've been warned!

**These are things I bring as a doula so check, your doula may have them and it saves you some packing space.

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