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Postpartum Bran Muffins

I’ve not tried these but I hear they are quite fantastic for moms dealing with some of those postpartum “challenges.” My sister mixed up a batch for a new mom and I wanted to share the recipe for any of … Continue reading

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Sweet Baby Three-Peat!

When this three-peat client told me her due date my heart sank, because I knew my sister was due a couple weeks later and I would be flying out of town. My client and I talked it through and we … Continue reading

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Guess What??

It still feels very surreal, and very bittersweet. We will miss this city we love, but even more I will miss the people we have grown to know and love and all my doula babies!! ❤️ My sweet repeat clients … Continue reading

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Why Your Partner Needs the Birth Photographer

Yes, there will inevitably be phones out when baby arrives as everyone wants a photo of your adorable new addition. However, having a professional birth photographer at your birth is an investment I think is worth having for a variety … Continue reading

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Lactation Goodie: Granola Bars for Pregnant & Postpartum Mommas

Here are a few variations and these recipes are pretty forgiving, so play around with them! Peanut Butter Granola Bars: 2 1/2 cups crispy rice cereal (or any cereal, or more oats) 2 cups quick-cooking oats 1/2 cup raisins/craisins/nuts/chocolate chips/whatever … Continue reading

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New Year, New Goals, New Tips!

Happy New Year! 2016 is going to be amazing, and I hope you’ll come join us to make your doula business even better. If you’ve been considering signing up for Tips for Doulas then jump in now – if you … Continue reading

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Placental Encapsulation & DFW Placenta

As of January 1st there is now a law in the state of Texas that a hospital or birth center MUST release a placenta to the mother. (There is some paperwork to be signed, which I’ve never had a doula … Continue reading

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Sibling Surprise!

This little arrival was a surprise gender – and everyone in the room was reminded that no one should say, “BOY” or “GIRL” until Mom had seen and announced it herself, which was such fun! Then big sister and brother … Continue reading

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Midwife Katie

I shared some prenatal photos of Katie earlier and here are some from the birth we attended together recently. You can learn more about Katie here.

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Welcome Baby R!

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