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Wedding Doula!

I often share the analogy that a doula at a birth is like a maid of honor at a wedding. But I’m starting to realize that a doula provides all sorts of extra help you don’t even think about, so … Continue reading

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New Doula Suggestions – Getting Started (Tips for Doulas)

I realize the humor in ME offering doula tips, as I’m a brand new doula myself. But I’ve recently had the chance to visit with a couple people interested in becoming doulas, and I love being able to pass on … Continue reading

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Your Doula’s Own Birth Experience

I’ve had some interesting discussions lately about hiring doulas, and the criteria parents consider. Here are some of the questions I’ve heard pondered: * Would you hire a doula who was not a mother? * What about her birth history? … Continue reading

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Action Shots!

A doula mentor mentioned to me that it’s rare a doula gets photos of herself at work, unless there’s a professional photographer at the birth. I was lucky that a father at a recent birth was taking some photos, and … Continue reading

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I just received my certificate so I am now official, I’m a Certified Postpartum Doula! This was my last training and it feels wonderful to be done. Until I find another program that I’m interested in learning more from…

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Quotes for Doulas (and Moms!)

I printed up these quotes, glued them to cardstock (with cute paper) and then laminated them and hung them on keyrings as a thank you for my doula mentors. Here they are in case you need some inspiration! We have … Continue reading

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Bradley Method Doula

Did you know the Bradley method offers an Assistant Coach’s Manual? In the Bradley lingo your partner is your coach and the assistant coach is your doula. To help doulas better understand the Bradley method for birth they’ve created this … Continue reading

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