Wedding Doula!

I often share the analogy that a doula at a birth is like a maid of honor at a wedding. But I'm starting to realize that a doula provides all sorts of extra help you don't even think about, so I'm thinking there are benefits to have a wedding doula, which isn't exactly the same as a maid of honor. 🙂 Like a birth doula, a wedding doula helps the couple to learn about their options and decide what feels best to them. A wedding doula encourages a couple to articulate their hopes and dreams for their birth wedding and to convey these wishes to everyone in their family. During the stressors of the day the doula helps the couple to focus on each other, to remember why they are there and to enjoy the moment. A doula helps to eliminate the little distractions that could intrude into that private space, and helps to ease the anxiety of the couple as they go through this momentous occasion. I've been there myself and know the tricks and tips to make the day go more smoothly!

My littlest sister is getting married. She's the youngest of seven, the final wedding of the siblings, and you can imagine we're all excited. As we were discussing the various things to be done for the wedding and all the ways family is helping, I joked with her that I could bring my doula bag to have on hand with the fan, mints, etc. Then I realized that's it - I WANT TO BE THE WEDDING DOULA! And she said I could be. 🙂 She made my very cute mini doula bag and I asked if she had any yarn in green (their wedding color.) She had some, so tonight while watching a movie I crocheted that little satchel for her wedding day. Mini-fan to cool you off, emergency tissues, tiny toothbrush & mints/gum, baby wipes, water bottle spare pen, lotion, and a back up camera.

How fun is that?? I get to be a wedding doula.

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