Yes, You DO Get a Gold Medal!

In the childbirth class I'm observing the parents discussed some of their questions or things they heard about birth. One mom said she's heard (more than once) "You don't get a medal for how you birth!" Which is true, but it was in reference to some moms trying for a particular type of birth (generally meds free) and it wasn't a supportive comment she received - more confrontational! We all laughed a bit and agreed, there are no medals, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still try for the birth YOU want. The incentive is not medals or external rewards, the incentive is trying for what you feel is best for you and your baby.

I was telling Kit about this when I got home, mentioning the "gold medal for birth" taunt and my oldest child heard me. He ran to his room and came back with this:

A little plastic gold medal they got from some activity. He told me I could keep it in my doula bag so that when moms give birth, they CAN have a gold medal. 😀 Is that not the sweetest thing ever? My daughter brought me her gold medal, too, and I've tucked them in with my stuff. I brought the medals to the birth class to show them and they thought that was great, too. When I go to a birth we can snap a photo of that proud momma with her new baby and she can share that yes indeed, I DID GET A GOLD MEDAL! It doesn't matter where that baby comes out or what route they take, every mother deserves a gold medal.

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