I am overjoyed when I receive response like this - it is humbling to know that even my tiny role at a birth can help a mother feel supported.

“I had Heidi at the birth of my son four weeks ago to take photos of my labor and birth. Since this was my first baby, I was very choosy about who I asked to be at my birth as I wasn’t sure how many people I would be comfortable with having in the room at the birth center. Heidi was such a wonderful addition to my birth team – my husband and I have discussed over and over how glad we are that she was there! Her presence was extremely calming to me throughout – she has such an encouraging demeanor. She was constantly my advocate, doing everything within her power to make me as comfortable as possible. It is clear that Heidi has a passion and a calling for caring for women in this special season of life – we would recommend her any day!” – Kelley

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