Baby Park Date (Party #2)

In June I hosted a baby brunch for my clients who had birthed recently. I loved seeing their sweet babies, and a dad in attendance suggested we meet on a weekend if we did this again so the other dads could attend.

Today we made that happen, and thanks to the gorgeous weather (it was 20 degrees lower today than yesterday!) it was perfect for the park.

doula Denton

I loved catching up with the families whose lives I had been welcomed into for such a special day:

Denton birth doula photography

Denton Inanna birth doula photography

And of course, adorable babies!! I didn't capture pictures of them all, and some aren't due to arrive for a few months more so we'll be planning future gatherings to get more photos. 🙂

Denton birth doula

This little one was our oldest baby in attendance and demonstrating the hands and knees positions for the others:

Denton birth photography

I know I say it often, but it's such a huge honor to be part of the care team supporting a family through their birth. That fact that these families continue to allow me to be part of their lives? I hope it means I did a pretty good job at this whole doula-photo thing. 😉

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