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Doula Bag Supplies List – Version TWO |Tips for Doulas

Written May 2012, updated April 2015. I’ve tried a variety of bags over the years, from diaper bags to standard backpacks to rolling suitcases to camera backpacks. Every doula has to find the right fit for her and that may … Continue reading

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Heat Pack Options for Birth & Beyond | Tips for Doulas

Many, many moms find that heat on their lower back is helpful during labor, especially if baby is OP and they’re experiencing back labor. I’ve tried a few options for heat packs and wanted to review some of the pros … Continue reading

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Playing Doula! Also, New Doula Suggestions | Tips for Doulas

Written March 2012, updated April 2015. So a friend or family member has asked you to be their doula, and you’re not sure how to best help… or for new doulas preparing to attend your first birth, how can you … Continue reading

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Getting Started | Tips for Doulas

Originally posted 2011, updated February 2015 I’ve recently had the chance to visit with a couple people interested in becoming doulas, and I love being able to pass on the tips I’ve gathered from my own doula mentors and from … Continue reading

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Reading List for Birth Professionals

While I have a lending library and Pinterest board for my doula clients, I realized I should have one for doulas and other birth professionals. Training programs have required reading books that cover birth in general, but there are other … Continue reading

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The Power of the Words We Speak | Tips for Doulas

After reading an article I loved about “Doulas Who Do Nothing” I was pondering the idea of doulas as pacers. (Go read the post, it’s wonderful!) The author mentioned a book – The Worst Is Over: What To Say When … Continue reading

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Ina May’s TED Talk

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Tips Testimonial!

Thank you to Allie for your feedback and sweet words! (Allie’s website can be found at CaymanDoula.com) I am SO grateful to have stumbled across this website. As a newly certified doula the blogs you post, and the tips you … Continue reading

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Doula Myths | Tips for Doulas AND Parents!

Originally written April 2011, updated August 2014. I’m sharing some of the myths listed in my coursework (ones that I’ve heard) and my personal response: Myth: A doula will discourage pain relief/not work with you if you have an epidural/only … Continue reading

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Doula Belt | Tips for Doulas

I saw the FlipBelt on Pinterest and I was intrigued. Not that I’ve run in years (it’s designed for runners) but I do chase children around a lot, and we love to do hikes as a family. I’m always hesitant … Continue reading

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