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After reading an article I loved about "Doulas Who Do Nothing" I was pondering the idea of doulas as pacers. (Go read the post, it's wonderful!) The author mentioned a book - The Worst Is Over: What To Say When Every Moment Counts.

As my husband will tell you, I love books - I'm rather addicted, in fact, our home is filled with books. But it's actually pretty rare that I buy a book - I'll get it from the library or Paperback Swap if I think it looks really promising, but I won't actually spend money on a book unless I've read and loved it already. For whatever reason, this one I decided to buy - and I am so glad I did. I started reading through the introduction while eating lunch, and I had to stop eating to grab a pen and start underlining and writing notes. Then you know it's a good book! From the intro:

In so many words, every interaction is an opportunity for healing; emotional and physical. Whenever you interact with another being, you are touching the whole being and that interaction must be holy. And by knowing that, and treating all we encounter with care, you can move through life like an angel. Words, song, prayer - their effects can be myriad, profound, even, as you shall see - life saving.

The author of the pacer article said she got the book to help as a parent, which was also my intent. This will absolutely be beneficial for any and every doula - or anyone present at a birth - to read. I can immediately see for myself in hindsight how words are powerful in moments of intense emotion, physical challenge, trauma, or really any intense experience in life. How often as parents do we "doula" our children or a loved one through a painful experience, and how crucial are the words we speak in those moments?

Has there been a time in your life that the words spoken to you are embedded into your memory? For good or bad... words of comfort, or words that inadvertently hurt? Words that reassured or words that motivated and encouraged?

I'll post more of the book as I go through it - I'm excited, and would love to hear your thoughts, too. Go read it!!

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